Moon Face Steroids – Cushing Syndrome

Moon face is a sign of Cushing Syndrome that is a serious, yet treatable medical condition which causes complications if left untreated or ignored.

As the name indicates, people with this symptom of Cushing Syndrome accumulate an excess amount of fat on their face, which makes them look plump and chubby.

However, moon face is not the only symptom associated with Cushing syndrome, the condition further troubles you in many other forms which we will discuss later.

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As of now, it is essential to learn what causes Cushing syndrome and how dangerous it can turn if immediate steps for its treatment are delayed.


The only thing that triggers the condition is the normal levels of cortisol – the naturally occurring hormone, reaching the abnormal point in our body.

Basically, our adrenal glands are responsible for making this imperative hormone that has a major contribution in the smooth functioning and running of many of our body functions including:

  • Cardiovascular system.
  • Fight stress.
  • Controlling of blood pressure.
  • Protein metabolization.
  • Conversion of fat into energy and so.

Now this does not all of a sudden, it takes times until the condition is finally developed. That is, the level of cortisol does not heighten overnight, but, a consistent increase due to the following reasons lead to Cushing Syndrome:

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In case the body loses its ability to generate normal amount of cortisol and is made to produce an excess of it owing to problems like ectopic ACTH-secreting tumor and pituitary adenoma.

The regular and extended consumption of corticosteroid drugs- known as steroids. Basically, steroids are medicines that serve us in a number of ways by acting as a viable treatment option for several health concerns.

Essentially, the role and effects of steroids are no different from that of the hormone, cortisol, thereby, any medical problem that revolves around cortisol deficiency or require higher concentration from that naturally produced is treated through its artificial alternate- steroids.

At times, the body calls for these drugs in the oral form when it develops inflammatory diseases or fails to respond to an organ transplanted into it.

On the very contrary, injectable corticosteroids are used as painkillers, whereas the inhaled and topical ones for respiratory diseases and skin related concerns respectively.

However, it is essential to note that Cushing syndrome is more likely to be triggered by the oral form, as the prescribed amount needed to address those specific problems is generally higher from the amount produced through our natural tendencies, which understandably, increases the likelihood of exceeding the level of cortisol to a point one develops complications.

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But this does not negate the possibility of developing Cushing syndrome through its other forms. They too, can cause the condition if used in over quantities.


The signs differ on the intensity of the condition, which is determined by the extent to which the hormone level has been raised in the body. However, some frequently reported signs are:

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  • A constant increase in weight and unusual fat accumulation in two chief areas- face and the space between the shoulders.
  • Skin abnormalities and weakening.
  • Pimples, extreme tiredness and mood swings.
  • Poor recovery from infections.
  • Bone weakening.
  • Noticeable growth of hair on the body (women).
  • Skipped or no periods at all (women).
  • Poor sex drive, virility and erections. (men).
  • Hypertension or deterioration of it.
  • Stunted growth (Children).


As stated earlier, the problem is serious enough to worsen the concerns you already have and create the new for you. Thereby, avoid avoiding it in the very first place and take the route to your doctor in case the symptoms start to show.

You can also discuss the odds with your doctor if you are taking steroids for the hormone, cortisol – for this can save you from the menace of complications, lead by Cushing syndrome in future.

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These complications generally are:

  • Osteoporosis causes by the constant worsening of bones.
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetesmellitus type 2.
  • Regular infections.
  • A decline in muscle power and muscle wasting.


Despite being surrounded by complications and serious aftermaths, moon face or say, Cushing syndrome is very much treatable. Normally, the doctors will take your urine/blood/saliva samples to diagnose it and its extent, post which, you will be headed towards the treatment procedures.

Furthermore, you will also be asked to make some changes in your lifestyle that will help you better manage the condition or the adverse effects it has caused like excessive weight, depression and so.

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And in the end, we would like to add that steroids are meant to aid people, but, they do have a darker side which needs not to be overlooked or underestimated in any circumstances. Thereby, don’t forget to take precautions as safety is better than cure.